Dave Hebeda

If he’s not partaking in his successful financial career or spending time with his beautiful family, Dave Hebeda can likely be found enjoying one of his many hobbies such as playing guitar, fishing, or playing poker. But it’s the latter that is the focus of this blog because Dave Hebeda wants to share his love of poker with you and help you learn how to play the right way.

Poker is a casino game that is enjoyed by millions like Dave Hebeda all over the world. And while it’s a game that has a steep learning curve, there are certain fundamental techniques and strategies that can help beginners hold their own.

These poker tips from Dave Hebeda aren’t intended to turn a beginner into an expert poker player right away, but if you continue to follow them and get enough practice, you could find yourself as the card shark at the table one day. So without further ado, here are some of the top beginner poker tips from Dave Hebeda:

Be Selective: One of the basic keys to poker is to not play too many hands. One of the biggest mistakes amateurs make is not being selective enough with the hands they play because they believe that ‘any hand can win.’ This is technically true but some hands are certainly better than others and playing those hands are typically in your best interests. Being selective also goes for bluffing. Some beginners believe that you have to bluff to win, but you should be mindful not to bluff too much. While winning on a good bluff can be exciting, the percentages of doing so are smaller than you think, so pick your times wisely.

Think Like Your Opponent: Your hand is not the only one you should be thinking of in a poker game. Although you don’t know exactly what your opponent has in his hand, you can use body language and common betting tendencies to decipher whether or not they have a better hand than you. If you think they do, you’re best bet is to fold rather than rely on the strength of your hand.

Pay Attention: The best way to pick up on poker and learn more about your opponents is to pay close attention during the game you’re in. Even when you’re not in a hand, pay close attention to what the other players are doing and how they play each pot. All the information you gather should help you eventually.